Bob Reuter is a photographer living in South St. Louis who began shooting in 1997 involving himself and documenting the underbelly rock and roll scene on the city - He shoots grainy black and white images on film - develops his own film and prints in the dark room.

Bob soon became well know around the local scene as the main purveyor of night time shooting and his skill in using the interplay of shadows and light in his work.

In recent years he's actually been sited occasionally in the day light and has expanded what he does to the documentation of events - weddings, celebrations - family portraits - portraits of kids and almost anything else you might be interested as long as it fits within the realm of black and white photography.

Words that spring to mind in connection to Bob's work are - Noir like, documentary, cinematic, cinema verite, punk rock, raw, beauty in desolation, grainy, scratchy, bohiemian, arty...and "really fucking cool".